“It is my pleasure as Seena Michelson’s POA to be a witness to the wonderful care Seena has received under Tisi’s care. Seena’s primary doctor (DR. Lee Green) has remarked at the improvement in Seena’s health under Tisi’s care (both emotionally and medically).”

“Tisi is aware of all of Seena’s health issues. She has a list of all of Seena’s physicians and makes sure Seena is seen whenever necessary.”

-Sandy Leitner

“Johanne is absolutely wonderful. She is self-starting, watches me like a hawk and does everything in the world for me. I could not have found anyone like her without you. I am most appreciative and I want you to give her a gold star on her chart. She is wonderful and Marilynn and I are most happy with her. She is efficient, pleasant, caring and professional. Thank you so much.”

– William Gladstone

“Tisi is my favorite caretaker. She is always there for me and takes special care of my health problems.I give her an “A” in all of her responsibilities in her care for me. I consider Tisi one of my best caretakers.”

-Seena Mickelson

“It was a pleasure recommending you and your staff….my experiences with all the aides was wonderful. Without them Ed and I never could have survived as well as we did. Please be good to your people as they were so good to us! I am very glad to share my experiences with you and your staff, again, my thanks.”

-All the best Judy

“Your agency has been very reliable”

-H.E. Ballin

“Martha is the BEST!! I have such piece of mind knowing my mom is so well taken care of”

-Karen Crupi